Early reviews for Better Off Without ’Em (available on August 14) have been positive.

Kirkus Reviews calls the book “often thoughtful, always irreverent” and “a raucous road trip through the South with a funny, informed, sardonic and opinionated Yankee.”

Kirkus full review here.

Publishers Weekly calls the book “hilariously over-the-top” and “thought-provoking.”

Publishers Weekly full review here.

The July/August issue of Washington Monthly magazine includes a lengthy essay review by Colin Woodard, U.S. social history authority and author of American Nations: A History of the Eleven Rival Regional Cultures of North America.

Woodard calls Better Off Without ’Em “viciously funny” before dissecting—and disagreeing with—the book’s central call for a peaceful/friendly secession. It’s an interesting, thoughtful review, an engaging counterpoint to the book.

Washington Monthly full review here.