To Hellholes and Back

A quick note to confirm that the recent sluggish pace of postings here does not indicate an inactive site. Mostly the lack of scintillating new copy is a matter of being consumed with finishing up work on a new book. To Hellholes and Back: Bribes, Lies and the Art of Extreme Tourism will be published by Henry Holt in December 2009. Inspired by the latest media drumbeats of Mexi-paranoia, the book will include such observations as, “Telling people not to go to places like Cabo, Cancun, and Mexico City just because drug dealers are shooting each other in Juarez is like telling people that due to gang violence in the Bronx they shouldn’t visit the Grand Canyon.”

Mexico City is now in the running with London as my favorite city in the world.

Updates to follow, though not particularly soon. In the meantime, the site is being maintained and I am answering emails.

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